Aseel Omran enters the world of horror and excitement! .. Video


The Saudi artist revealed Aseel Omran About her willingness to go into a new acting experience through an Egyptian series in the Gulf dialect that belongs to the type of horror and excitement.

Intervals Aseel OmranIn a TV interview on the sidelines of her participation in the El Gouna Festival, the series is scheduled to begin filming in Lebanon during the coming period, and the work consists of 10 episodes,

The series will be written and directed by an Egyptian team, and will be represented in the Gulf dialect. Regarding her choice of this experience, Aseel Omran explained to “ET Arabic” that her admiration for the series came since she read the script and the character that will present it, adding that she was reading in the evening, and reading the script caused her some fear, to the point that she increased the lighting.

و .ضافت Aseel Omran The story of the series talks about a mobile app for entertainment that has spread widely, but in the series it turns from a joke to serious and the events begin, pointing out that she is very excited due to the scarcity of Gulf television horror acts.

Regarding her attending the El Gouna Festival, she said that she was not afraid of the Corona virus, noting that two months ago she had an obsession because of this virus, commenting: “I was sterilizing myself and spraying every need sterile to the extent that I sprayed it on others, but our salvation and we must continue life while taking Procedures and all countries have taken safety requirements.


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