Asala: “Men are without minds” – (video)


two hours ago

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“Al-Quds Al-Arabi”: Syrian actress Asala sparked controversy after publishing her promo episode of the “Qadah Men” program, presented by stars Nicolas Moawad, Khaled Selim and Qais Sheikh Najib, as she surprised them with a harsh attack on men at the beginning of the episode, saying: “Men have no mind And then to reveal her experiences and make her acknowledge that.

Asala opened her heart to talk about different issues she faced after the separation, and the conflicting feelings of love, betrayal, pain and sadness.

During the episode, the three stars tried to defend themselves, and prove that not all men are like you think Asala, and that the man’s heart is more flexible and can accept many possibilities, but Asala stuck to her opinion strongly.


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