Are Syrians fighting in the ongoing war between Azerbaijan and Armenia?


Azerbaijan and Turkey on the one hand, and Armenia on the other hand, accused each other of bringing in Syrian fighters, in conjunction with the outbreak of the situation in the Nagorno Karabakh region and the escalation of the war between the two countries.

The Russian “Interfax” agency quoted the Armenian ambassador to Russia Vardan Toganyan as claiming that Turkey had transferred about 4 thousand fighters from northern Syria to Azerbaijan, and in return Hikmat Hajiyev, assistant to the President of Azerbaijan for foreign policy, responded to the Armenian accusations, denying the authenticity of the report that his country brought Syrian fighters. He described it as “nonsense.”

While Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar called on Armenia to immediately stop its attacks and withdraw the mercenaries and terrorists brought in from abroad, the Azerbaijani Ministry of Defense said that “Syrian mercenaries are fighting in the ranks of the Armenian army during the ongoing clashes on the front of the Karabakh region.”

The spokesman for the Azerbaijani Ministry of Defense, Anar Iwazov, stated that Syrian mercenaries of Armenian origins were found among the bodies of the Armenian forces on the Nagorno Karabakh front.

The position of the Syrian opposition
In the context, a member of the founding body of the Syrian National Coalition – who requested not to be named – stated that there is information confirming that the Assad regime is sending mercenaries to fight alongside Armenia, which it stands with. “This is not strange for the Assad regime to import and export mercenaries to and from anywhere in The world for his survival on the seat of government. ”

The Syrian opposition told Al-Jazeera Net, “The Syrians have had the disasters of the world upon them, and they have enormous tasks to protect their land, and they do not need to fight outside their country.”

Regarding Armenia’s accusations that there are Syrian fighters fighting in the ranks of the Azerbaijani army, he stressed that the alleged transfers have nothing to do with the coalition, the Syrian Interim Government or the National Army, “we did not send anyone to fight alongside any party, whether Azeri or Armenian.”

The “Syrian National Army” confirmed that there was no official decision on sending elements to fight alongside Azerbaijan in its renewed conflict with Armenia, while the “National Liberation Front” stressed that the matter was not on the table amid its confrontation with tense fronts in Idlib.

Ankara’s position
For his part, the leader of the ruling Turkish Justice and Development Party, Rasul Tosun, said, “Armenia brought terrorists from the PKK and the People’s Protection Forces in Syria through Iran to Karabakh to support the Armenians in the face of the Azerbaijani army, which is working to liberate one of its occupied territories.”

In his interview with Al-Jazeera Net, Toson stresses that Armenia, accusing Turkey of bringing fighters from the Syrian opposition to fight with Azerbaijan, is trying to cover up its bringing in mercenaries, and to distract the media from its crimes against the Azerbaijani people. He stressed that the matter was not raised at all in light of the tension on the Idlib fronts.

The position of the Syrian regime
And the Syrian regime announced – in its first official statement – that Syrians were killed in the battles between Azerbaijan and Armenia.

The Syrian ambassador to Armenia, Muhammad Haji Ibrahim, said, “81 Syrians have been fighting in the ranks of the Azerbaijani forces in the ongoing battles since September 26, according to statements by the Armenian army.”

Ambassador Haji Ibrahim added that “Syria condemns any aggression on Armenian lands,” calling for a peaceful solution through UN resolutions, and blaming Azerbaijan for the current war.

Reuters news agency reported reports about sending Syrian fighters supported by Turkey to Azerbaijan, and that a first batch of 500 Syrian fighters arrived there, according to sources reported to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, which is supported by the UAE.

The Guardian newspaper stated that it spoke to 3 people – without mentioning their names – who live in one of the armed opposition strongholds in Syria, and they confirmed that their names were registered with the leaders of the militants and intermediaries who had promised them to employ them in a private Turkish security company abroad, and said that they expected to go to Turkey before their transfer. To Azerbaijan.


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