Arab Brands acquires stakes in emerging Emirati projects – the economic – the local market


The Arab Group for Luxury Brands (TALG) announced the acquisition of strategic stakes in a number of emerging Emirati companies, to support and help them grow and expand, and to open the way for them to market their products and goods regionally and globally.

Marwan bin Yusuf Al Serkal, founder and CEO of the group, welcomed the arrival of the first batch of talents and innovators based on these emerging projects, as they will form the core of the group’s business in the fields of fashion, accessories, perfumes and food, as the group will provide them with financial and moral support and care, and use the best marketing and promotion methods. With Emirati brands and brands in the regional and global markets, and the first of these markets will be the Gulf markets.

Al Serkal stated that the group is about to include more Emirati and Arab luxury brands under its umbrella, explaining that the group seeks to adopt and acquire projects in the fields of fashion, jewelry, cosmetics, accessories, perfumes, shoes and other luxury goods, which are manufactured and created by the people of the Emirates, Gulf countries and Arab countries. These projects will be launched and incubated and pushed for expansion, growth, and regional and global reach.

He said: “The presence of our Emirati products and goods in foreign stores and malls will make us proud of our success in entering these markets, and proving our Emirati, Gulf and Arab capacity to compete and innovate, and that we are able to manufacture and export products with high specifications in terms of quality, quality, design, coordination and marketing methods. ».

“I joined the umbrella of the group to provide support and encouragement to them, and to help them grow and expand, with the group’s experience, explaining their interest in presenting the fashion that the company makes in exhibitions and shops,” said Maitha Bint Sulaiman, co-founder of the company “2X Design”, which specializes in luxury clothes. Where it enjoys high quality and admires girls and women ».

“I am delighted to join the group, and to enter into a partnership agreement with it to enable me to grow in my business and promote women’s fashion that I produced and designed, which makes the brand achieve the desired popularity locally, regionally and internationally,” said Maitha bint Ahmed, owner of the “Nevin” women’s fashion brand.

Amna bint Ibrahim, who founded the “Feather” beverage brand, said: “I had an ambition to launch my own business, and I went into the beverage field by creating 6 cold drinks“ Mojito ”and the salted caramel project, which I produce exclusively personally, and I started working and marketing through communication platforms. Social, as it won the admiration of customers who communicate ».

“I consider my joining the group as the beginning of expansion and launch, especially since I founded the company 10 years ago, and I design carpets, prayer clothes for women, home accessories and gift boxes and sell them, through social media,” said Maryam Bint Musabah, director of the Al-Khumra Company for Abayas and Home Accessories.



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