Apple is preparing to dispense with “Google” and create a special search engine


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“Apple” is preparing to dispense with “Google” and create a special search engine, today, Wednesday, October 28, 2020 11:31 am

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The American company “Apple” is seeking to create an alternative search engine for “Google” in a move to develop “Apple” internally.

For the company to take a step in this field by launching its latest version of the IOS14 system, to show its search results and link directly to websites.

This step comes in order to combat the monopoly practiced by the “Google” company permanently to secure a major location for its engine on the “iPhone” devices.

This represents progress in the development of “Apple” internally, but can be considered a comprehensive attack on “Google” that users take as a way to search directly, according to what was published by the “Financial Times” newspaper.

This news coincided with the circulation of information about secret deals taking place in “Silicon Valley”, about huge projects.

It is noteworthy that the American company “Apple” has included the head of the search department at “Google” John Gianandrea, two and a half years ago, announcing that it wants to employ him to enhance the capabilities of artificial intelligence and its virtual assistant, Siri.

This news coincides with the US Department of Justice raising questions about the payments Google is making to Apple as the default search tool for the iPhone.

Google is providing billions of dollars to various companies to make them the main search engine for their devices.

Marketing experts confirm that the company “Google” will increase its marketing activity after this news and will build a wider and more reliable database.

Google will benefit from the fact that building a search engine competing with Google will take some years, and this will allow it time to develop itself.

Sharis Posen, Co-Chair of Global Antitrust Practice, said:

Today’s monopoly issue opens the door for Apple to save itself from compulsory partnerships. However, this opportunity forces any search engine that can compete with Google’s search engine to contain 20-50 billion pages in its permanently active index.


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