Apple is developing a special search engine to rival Google


Apple has accelerated work on developing its own search engine that allows the company to offer an alternative to Google, according to a report by the “Financial Times” on Wednesday.According to the report, which was based on an undisclosed source, there are signs of search technologies appearing in the latest Apple operating system “iOS 14”.

The move comes amid increasing scrutiny by antitrust agencies that are suing Google in the United States over its absolute dominance of search technologies.

For its part, the US Department of Justice indicated in part of the lawsuit that Google is paying Apple billions of dollars to be the main search engine on devices running the “iOS” system.According to the “Financial Times”, two years ago, Apple hired John Gianandrea, who worked at Google as head of the search and artificial intelligence division, in a move aimed at building capabilities in this area and enhancing the capabilities of Siri’s personal assistant.


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