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In many ways, Apple has worked to reduce its dependence on suppliers, whether for products or services, and perhaps the most famous one was abandoning the Google Maps service in favor of launching its own service, and now the matter will apply to the search engine as well.

According to newspaper Financial Times There are many indications that Apple is working to develop its own search engine to reduce its dependence on Google.

According to the report, the company has hired many engineers with a previous job record related to search engine development, including former employees of Google itself. The number of job vacancies announced in this area has increased, and Applebot’s archiving bot activity has increased beyond its normal range.

And in iOS 14, Apple made changes to display search results so that most of them appear to come from Apple, not Google.

Google pays $ 12 billion annually to Apple to be the default search engine in iPhones, and to ensure the appropriate user experience and that Google does not give more data, giving up this amount may be justified by launching a search engine for the company.

The topic is still in its infancy and it may not be a search engine available to the public, but for use by its devices and its voice assistant Siri, but it is certain that Apple wants to move away from Google, as it has done with Samsung and many other companies, especially in terms of hardware.


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