Apple invites developers to workshops to prepare for the release of the Mac computers equipped with its own processors – electronic


10/29 15:16

Given the amount of computers available in the market today that rely on Intel processors, it was a rather bold move on the part of Apple to abandon Intel processors in its computers in favor of its Apple A Bionic processors. Despite the strong performance of these Apple processors, hardware in general is only one side of the story because if there were no applications available for Apple computers equipped with their own processors, no one would want to use them.

However, Apple is preparing developers for this because according to reports, it appears that the company has started sending invitations to developers to attend individual workshops where Apple engineers are expected to give these developers instructions on how to develop their applications for Mac computers equipped with Apple A Bionic processors.

The interesting thing is the timing of these calls because according to rumors, Apple is said to be planning a new event in mid-November where the company will officially announce the first Mac computer equipped with its own processor. The company launched a set of tools for developers that they can use to develop their applications and make sure that they are compatible with the new Apple computers, and among these tools we find a Mac Mini computer equipped with the Apple A12Z Bionic processor, but this computer was only loaned to developers, so it will be interesting to know how it will look Mac computers with Apple processors that will be targeted to the general public.

It is expected that Apple will begin its new adventure with laptops so that the company is likely to revive the 12-inch version of the MacBook by providing it with the Apple A Bionic processor, but recent rumors have suggested the arrival of a new iMac computer also in early 2021 with an Apple processor.


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