Apple develops the Apple TV platform with the A12 and A14 chipsets


Apple is developing the Apple TV platform, and the radically updated new platform is supposed to be launched in the coming months, according


It is expected that the processor will be improved in a way more than what is needed by the broadcast TV platform, which means that it may become special for games.

The company may offer two versions of the platform, the first equipped with a (A12 Bionic) processor, and the second with the company’s latest processor (A14 Bionic), making it as powerful as the latest (iPad Air) or (iPhone 12) and upcoming (iPhone 12 Pro).

Apple Arcade’s gaming subscription service aspires to achieve high goals, and wants to compete with games such as (Breath of the Wild), and there is a lot of money being pumped into (Apple Arcade) to achieve this.

Apple will not develop a game of its own to compete with (Breath of the Wild), but rather advanced graphics, long and immersive stories on a larger scale is what the company is seeking.

The iPhone manufacturer is working with developers to bring console-level games to Apple Arcade as a way to enhance gaming service.

This news is very exciting for gamers in particular, as for non-gamers, Apple will find other ways to take advantage of all this processing power to ensure a responsive interface across the device.

The information indicates that a new console is in the works, but it is unclear whether it is an upcoming, updated new console or a new Apple-designed gaming console.

A new remote control is coming, and considering the current remote control with Siri voice assistant is not popular with some users, there will be a lot of enthusiasts for the alternative remote control with a different design.

According to the information, some games require a (A13 Bionic) processor or faster, and the updated (Apple TV) platform was expected to be launched earlier in the year, but that has not happened yet.

Bloomberg recently reported that there is an upcoming upgrade to the (Apple TV) platform, and indicated that the faster processor is for games, however, this version of the platform may not arrive until next year.


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