Apple adds a secret button to iPhones … Know its importance and uses


According to the verge, Back Tap turns the entire back of your iPhone into a giant touch-sensitive button that you can press two or three times to run specific functions on your phone.

And you might not notice it yet, as Apple dropped Back Tap settings in the Accessibility menu, but its purpose is to give users more options to interact with their device.

Most Back Tap options reflect this, with settings to open the app switcher, notification menu, or control center; Browse the app or webpage.

But Back Tap is also associated with the powerful Shortcuts app from Apple, which means you can effectively have these new buttons do almost anything you can imagine.

It is a button that is completely invisible to the naked eye, and does not function completely until it is enabled by the program, but it can be assigned to open, interact with or accomplish almost any task on your smartphone with just a quick press.

Not only Apple did that and provided a button with these features, Google tried a similar feature, albeit limited to Android 11, and it did not reach the final stage.

The Back Tap feature repurposes existing iPhone sensors and devices with software to create new hardware interactions that were previously unavailable.


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