Any long-range missiles that reach Venezuela from Iran will be destroyed


The White House Special Envoy for Iran and Venezuela, Elliot Abrams, warned that the United States will destroy any long-range missiles Iran sends to Venezuela, “and indicated in an interview today, Monday with Fox News, that President Donald Trump’s administration” will do its best “to avoid the situation of This type, but in the event that the weapons reach the Caribbean state “they will be eliminated there.”

Although various media outlets have indicated in recent days that there is no imminent missile deal between Tehran and Carax, Iran has announced its intention to sell weapons, and Venezuela is a clear target, given that these two regimes, isolated from the world, already have a relationship, as it pays for Iranian gasoline shipments. With gold. There is also an Iranian presence in the country, and every piece of alloy that goes to Iran represents tens of thousands of dollars that the Venezuelan people need to obtain food and medicine, ”he said.

In another passage of the interview, Abrams indicated that Iran has sent missiles to the Houthis in Yemen, “and we know that they are ready to do the same with Venezuela and other potential buyers (…) and every shipment of Iranian weapons destabilizes South America and the Caribbean, is particularly dangerous. On Venezuela’s Neighbors: Brazil, Colombia and Guyana ”.


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