An unrepeatable scene … a fighter receives a fatal blow and remains on his feet while he is unconscious (video)


Sweep his leg @ Barrelelapierna / Twitter

The fight that brought together the Russians, Vyacheslav Russovitz and Vyacheslav Petitsyn, in the “Modern Fighting Pankration 223” martial arts course in Vladivostok, ended strangely.

The two fighters appeared at the start of the first round, exchanging punches, before Tetsin gave a strong punch with his left side to his opponent Russellovets on the level of the face, then directed another punch to him with his right, Russellowitz lost consciousness, but remained standing on his feet in a strange and rare scene in the martial arts fights .

The interesting thing is that Petitsyn thought that his opponent was still able to complete the fight, so he tried to strike another blow, but the referee intervened and removed Tetsin, before he quietly grabbed Ralphitz and put him on the ring floor.

Immediately afterward, the referee declared the end of the match, which lasted only 55 seconds, with Tetsin winning by knockout.



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