An Israeli general: The biggest danger in the Golan Heights is Hezbollah, not Syria




An Israeli military vehicle in the Golan area (archive photo)

An Israeli general stated that the greatest threat to the Israeli army in the Golan region currently is represented by the Lebanese “Hezbollah”, and not Syria.

The commander of the 210th division of the Israeli army, Major General Roman Goffman, said in a statement to the Russian “TASS” agency, “The biggest danger if we look at the Syrian borders, it is the building of a front by Iran and (Hezbollah) in southern Syria against Israel.”

He continued, “This is the main danger. We see the danger not in the Syrians or Syria itself, which must rebuild itself as a state … In fact, Iran and Hezbollah infiltrate the region and fortify their positions there steadily and continuously.”

“This is a great danger for us, and for the Syrian government and the Syrian citizens living in southern Syria,” he added, adding that “Hezbollah” is taking the Syrian citizens in the south as “hostages,” he said.

The general expressed his opinion that “Syria is now in a state of decline as a country and the army is recovering after a disaster, and therefore on the Lebanese borders the danger is much greater, and (Hezbollah) is a real terrorist army.

He indicated that in recent weeks, the Israeli army carried out several operations against the Syrian positions in the Golan region without entering into a clash with the Syrian soldiers.

He considered that the strategic goal for Israel is to prevent the presence of Iran and “Hezbollah” in southern Syria and in Syria in general.

Source: TASS


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