An important development that sends victory to the AFC Champions League final … the prince blows it up


Legal Ahmed Al-Amir revealed an important development regarding Al-Nasr’s protest against the participation of some Iranian Persepolis club players in the AFC Champions League semi-finals, despite FIFA’s decision to prevent them from being registered.

Al-Nassr fell, with penalty kicks (3-5) in front of Persepolis, after a draw in the original and extra time (1-1), in the semi-finals of the AFC Champions League, hosted by Doha, Qatar.

Al-Nassr lodged a protest with the AFC, which decided to reject it without commenting on the reasons, prompting Safwan Al-Suwaiket’s management to file a complaint in the FIFA Sports Court.

The prince wrote on his personal page on the “Twitter” site, that FIFA addressed the Iranian Federation, requesting registration documents for Persepolis players, after the protest made by Al-Nasr Club.

He continued: “Failure to enter registration periods in the TMS system by the Iranian Federation is considered a violation of the provisions of Annex 3 of the International Transfer Regulations and requires punishment according to the text of M / 9 of the Appendix .. The penalty is applied to the Federation and the club and may reach exclusion and cancellation of the results.”

Al-Nasr is seeking to accept FIFA to accept its protest against the participation of new players in the match between the two teams, despite FIFA’s decision to prevent them from entering into contracts and restricting them, which makes the Iranian club vulnerable to punishment, and qualifies the world to the final match.

It is noteworthy that the AFC announced the holding of the Champions League final in Iran, after Persepolis qualified for the final match.

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