An expected French spray may eliminate “Corona” early


A French company is currently developing a medicinal spray that would curb the spread of the new Corona virus in the nose, so that it does not spread to other body organs such as the lung.

According to the French newspaper “Le Point”, the company “Vetribio” is in charge of developing the product so that it fights the virus as soon as it enters the nose.

And the company stated that this spray fights infection during the first and early stage, thus preventing the situation from getting worse.

This company has been developing medical equipment in France for 25 years, and it is estimated that the inhaler provides a protection period of 4 to 6 hours.

Ravi Shrivastava, who is the founder and general manager of the medical company, says that nearly 90 percent of “Corona” injuries occur through the nose.

He added that the aim of this spray is to prevent the virus from entering the body, by neutralizing it as soon as it enters the nose.

And since the nose will be immune to the virus through this “barrier”, the possibility of complications at the level of breathing, after infection, will be low, according to the official.

To ensure the effectiveness of this spray, experiments were conducted in the laboratory under the supervision of the University of Toulouse and obtained a certificate from the “Tipo Bio” scientific body. The French company stated that the inhaler will be available in pharmacies soon, and its price ranges between 8 and 10 euros.

The company started producing the inhaler, but its capacity at the present time could only produce 150,000 units per month.

Vitry Bio contracted with Bio-Cog, which invested one million euros to set up the production facility, in order to raise the production capacity to 1.5 million per month, by January 2021.


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