An exclusive .. An Arab success story that broke into space with amazing pictures and was honored by NASA


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An exclusive .. An Arab success story that broke into space with amazing pictures and was honored by NASA, Monday, October 19, 2020 10:52 pm

Ayoub does not specify the Lebanese 48 years old The date of his flight, it is up to nature that will give him permission to set off, as the passionate photographer tracks meteorological data over a period of days, until he makes sure of the time when the weather will be appropriate, that is, clear of clouds while the air is still and the moon is completely absent.

After Ayoub sets up his telescope, a camera for celestial bodies and the technical accessories he needs, he begins to set off for the Razin area in the Abu Dhabi desert.

When he reaches the place that provides her with the complete darkness that he is looking for, Job begins the second and most passionate stage of his journey, where he will launch with his lens into the vast space of the universe, tracking the celestial bodies, until he gets the best possible shot.

Honor from NASA

Wissam Ayoub succeeded in engraving his name on the list of the International Space Agency “NASA”, when it chose one of his pictures in the “Image of the Day” category on its official website on October 17th.

The astonishing “Crescent Nebula” shows clouds of gas and dust spreading in the Milky Way towards the constellation of the Hen.

Within the telescopic field of view, the image also documents the so-called “soap bubble” (bottom left) and the Crescent Nebula (top right) from the image.

Ayoub told “Sky News Arabia” that he “felt crazy after his picture was chosen by NASA,” adding, “Displaying my picture on the NASA website means that it is the best picture in the world that day.”

The picture represents a great moral value to Job, as it is the fruit of long-term effort, follow-up and perseverance.

“My son Ali (27 years old), who is considered my best friend, was very happy … his feeling was indescribable.”

From dark to beauty

After installing his equipment at the appropriate point, Job begins to point the telescope to the “polar star”, from where he will set off from this point to follow the celestial bodies.

Ayoub said, “The filming is done in a moving manner and by using the long exposure technique,” noting that the process takes at least 10 hours before dawn per night.

Ayoub explains that in order to obtain an accurate image, space photography requires “a clear sky, complete darkness and the absence of winds in order not to affect the movement of the telescope and the camera.”

Hubble Inspirer

Pure chance played a big role in Ayoub’s acquaintance with the field of space photography, as he was browsing the exclusive images provided by the Hubble telescope on the NASA website, wondering about this vast and beautiful universe full of glowing secrets.

Ayoub says, “A year and a half ago, I did not understand anything in the field .. I was following the images sent by the Voyager 1 spacecraft through NASA’s website, and then I was drawn to the enormous images of the Hubble telescope that made me fall in love with space .. He was credited with that.”

He adds, “I started thinking about taking satellite photos myself and what I should do to do that … I learned this through personal effort by surfing the Internet.”

Ayoub notes that space photography equipment is available to everyone, and it may cost beginners nearly $ 3,000.

When time stopped

Ayoub was patient, as satellite photography takes a long time of anticipation and patience, until getting a beautiful sight.

“When I took the first space photo, I felt that time stopped. You cannot imagine the feeling when you see space with your own eyes.”

And why not, the first image that Job took was of “the Oraen Nebula or the Orion Nebula,” a scene that cannot be imagined with words, according to Job.

“My life has changed”

It seemed that Job’s life had changed since that time. His eyes that looked at the stars saw things beyond that and affected himself.

Ayoub says: “I became very calm and realized the small size of the globe and that people are fighting over nothing … The globe is a drop of sand in an infinitely wide desert.”

He continued: “Satellite photography helped me gain peace of myself and look at things with humility .. It also taught me in my professional life to deal carefully with my work and to master it in the best way.”

Ayoub has a record full of satellite images of nebulae, galaxies and planets, which take great effort and focus to show them in an amazing and distinctive look that has aroused widespread admiration at the international level.

The Ayoub Medal won a number of other international awards, including the (Best Picture of October 19, 2020) award from the famous AstroBin website, which specializes in satellite imagery.

He won a prize (Best Picture of the Week 19 October 2020) from the website of the private company that manufactures telescope cameras, “ZWO Astronomy Cameras”.

Wissam Ayoub displays his wonderful satellite photos on several sites, including his Instagram page.


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