An Egyptian town expects the worst after losing its children on the way to Europe


Sharjah 24 – AFP:
The families of 15 young Egyptians from a poor town in the Nile Delta fear the worst fate of their children, who tried in September to cross to Europe via a dangerous journey in the Mediterranean, like thousands of migrants before them.

The town of Dahmsha, located 60 kilometers north of Cairo in Sharkia governorate, in the middle of the cotton fields, looks like a ghost town after hundreds of its youths left for neighboring Libya, which is witnessing conflict, to try to reach Europe from there in search of a better opportunity.

In mid-August, a small truck hired by one of Dahmasha’s merchants, whose population is 18,000, left carrying 37 young men, who each paid 70,000 Egyptian pounds for the trip, “4300 dollars.”

A month later, the International Organization for Migration announced that at least 20 migrants – most of them Egyptians and Moroccans – were missing from the stranding of a dilapidated boat, on average, after leaving the Libyan shores.

Two of the bodies have since been returned to Dahmacha and an unspecified video clip was posted on the Internet showing 20 survivors.

Their relatives confirmed their identities, but were unable to confirm that they actually survived because they had not yet been able to speak to them directly.

Egyptian MP Sahar Atman confirmed last week on Facebook, after contacting the authorities, that 20 men had survived and that work was underway to return them to Egypt.

However, there is no specific information about the 15 missing men from Dahmah.

Since the International Organization for Migration announced their loss, their mothers and wives clad in black have made them cry.


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