An Egyptian-Israeli dispute over the role of Cleopatra and the public demands Sawsan Badr


Egyptian actress toppedSawsan BadrSocial networking sites after announcing the nomination of an Israeli actress named “Gal Gadot“In order to play the role of Queen Cleopatra, and a number of her followers interacted with the news, rejecting the idea of ​​an Israeli heroine playing the role of Cleopatra, calling for the Egyptian actress to be nominated instead of Sawsan Badr from the Israeli actress.”
The Egyptian actress Sawsan Badr was previously famous for her pharaonic features, and for adopting Cleopatra’s clothes on more than one occasion.
“Gal Gadot” is an Israeli actress, who has been nominated for the role of Queen Cleopatra in a new movie, after gaining international fame in her movie “Wonder Woman” with director Patty Jenkins.
“I am delighted to take new trips … Cleopatra is a story that I wanted to embody for a long time,” Gadot wrote on her social media page.


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