An attack targeting the largest oil refinery in Venezuela, Maduro …


The largest oil refinery in Venezuela (Amway) was hit by a terrorist attack, and it is part of the huge Paraguana oil complex, which is one of the largest oil complexes in the world.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro confirmed the attack, explaining that it caused a metal tower to capsize thicker than that of an attack tank, and said that the targeted refinery is one of the most important in the country and in Latin America, blaming the terrorist groups linked to the US-backed opposition, Juan Guaidó, responsible for the attack. .

And at a press conference in Caracas, Maduro declared that Venezuela is on constant alert to overcome conspiracies that seek to undermine peace, development and stability in the republic, adding, “Venezuela faces positions of conspiracy and permanent conspiracy against our strategic life and industry, against the electric service, refineries, oil industry, and public services.” .

Maduro also condemned the actions of the extreme right-wing parties in Venezuela that subordinate themselves to foreign interests, to become tools to overthrow legitimate governments.

He continued, “We do not have an opposition, we have a permanent conspiracy, which was supported, promoted and funded by the government of the United States of America and with the complicity of many governments in Europe.”

According to the “Associated Press,” the announcement of the attack on the refinery comes a month after the arrest of the alleged American spy Matthew John Heath in Falcon, accused of carrying out espionage and destabilizing activities in Venezuelan territory with military and civilian support to prepare for attacks against oil and electrical installations.

Venezuela, which has the world’s largest proven oil reserves, is producing 400,000 barrels per day, compared to 3.2 million barrels 12 years ago.

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