An artist raises controversy … demanded to send birth control pills and condoms to the displaced!


The Syrian artist, Rasha Rizk, sparked controversy in one of her posts on her Facebook page, in which she asked humanitarian organizations to send birth control pills and condoms to the displaced in the camps instead of sending medicines and treatments for children’s deformities.

Rizk affirmed that “children are not guilty of being deprived of education, medicine, and the basics of life, in exchange for their parents’ enjoyment of the right to reproduction, ”adding that“ children’s rights are a priority and do not come second to the right of adults to have children. ”She described those who give birth to children in camps as criminals, considering that“ Syria It is not a safe country to have children. ”

After the attack and the criticism that Rasha was subjected to, she returned and shared another post that said: “We talk a lot about the rights of the robbed woman, and we see that the rights of the child are our last priority. Syria has lost an entire generation of oppressed, deformed, miserable illiterate childhood. Save those of you and may God grant them all.” Be careful, then trust. “


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