An apology to the Saudi ambassador to Yemen .. It is shameful to stab the back of the kingdom .. He expelled you “the master” – Saudi Arabia News


Isn’t it shameful now for these some of the state’s leaders, Jabbari and non-compulsory ones at this time to look out from satellite and television screens talking from Arab capitals about the violated Yemeni sovereignty from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and repeating allegations that the Kingdom violates the country’s sovereignty, confiscates its decision, kidnaps its president and puts him under residency Fatalism.

The country you are crying for now and you fear for the kingdom’s ambitions, as you claim? Is it not the same country that you left with all its content for the master to tamper with, exercise sovereignty, control the fate of his people, and tamper with his power?

Is it not shameful and offensive to us as Yemenis in the first place, the talk of some people about stabbing in the back of the Kingdom and insulting all its positions with Yemen, its people and its leaders … the kingdom to which the Yemenis came to flee from the sovereignty of the only master, Abdul-Malik Al-Houthi, in a homeland in which no sovereignty remained … For one master and all people are slaves, did you not all acknowledge the truth of this lunatic next master, carrying with him all this darkness and injustice, which left no sovereignty for the country, nor for homes, sanctity, nor for soul and property, any sanctities … Did not you until yesterday cry out of the master’s injustice and fill the world with noise complaining about a master who violated all Sovereignty and sanctities, and you are indeed right.

Is it not a shame after all the sovereigns disappeared except for the sovereignty only? Stabbing in the back of the Kingdom, which welcomed all Yemenis with open arms, and on its lands you exercised lost sovereignty in the homeland whose sovereignty was robbed by the master himself and those on its lands you exercised full sovereignty after the Houthi kidnapped it and ended the era of sovereignty and there was no remaining in it for a master other than a people who wanted him to be all slaves .

Did they not come to the kingdom defeated, expelled, and persecuted, and you left sovereignty to the master, who left nothing of the manifestations of sovereignty, neither of individuals, nor property, nor money, and all sovereignty belongs to the master alone.

Is it not a shame now that you talk about the kidnapped president in the kingdom as you claim, and the subject is under house arrest. Some of them according to what you are calling from the absurdities you now speak in the name of the president whom you describe as the kidnapped after he returned to exercise his duties as president from within the kingdom’s territories and you were silent on the day that he was prevented from exercising his duties from the capital The country you are talking about now about its sovereignty are talking about the kidnapped president, the day he was kidnapped in the capital of his country, which he was supposed to be carrying out his duties as president, the day the president was under house arrest and trapped in his home..Oh these some, you did not dare to talk about the real president’s siege .. it was The president is under siege and you were in Movenpick completing the pledge of allegiance to the sovereignty of the sovereign over the entire country.

Did you not come to the kingdom expelled and fleeing your country, so I sheltered you, defeated you, and supported you and humiliated? Then you strengthened your resolve, without voices, and returned to you your voices that fill the world with noises in offending it, these people and without a picture, so your pictures filled TV screens.

Oh these, weren’t you harboring evil for the kingdom and publicly enmity with it, and you were present in that among your supporters, and you did not find it now and before now but all good, and you have not judged you for your previously announced positions and you are now judging it on the intentions and ambitions that you claim to be for the kingdom while it is ambitions in the depths of your sick and evil selves.

Unfortunately, some forget everything beautiful, forget the known, always carry evil, and close their eyes to the truth, running after an illusion.

The homeland you are crying for today is the country that the Kingdom restored and continues its battle for you and the sovereignty of the country that the Kingdom robbed of your country, as you claim, for you have exercised all lost sovereignty over its lands.

Unfortunately, the nation becomes, with all its soil and vital interests, just Abdulaziz Jabbari and Yasser Al-Yamani who find them in themselves and their interests that grow every day like a snowball, over which it becomes difficult to control.

Indeed, I find myself compelled to apologize for all these nonsense that some of these people shout to the kingdom, its king, his crown prince and its ambassador.

I apologize very much to the ambassador who you continue your campaigns condemning him to a mirage in your sick imaginations and you allow yourselves to insult even the practice of his work and you want to convince us that the ambassador offended Yemen because he simply exercised his work from within his country and you confiscated his right to bid farewell to his colleague, the French ambassador in Yemen, due to the end of his term of office while you were in Yesterday, you are exercising your state from the entire territory of his country, with all the welcome, facilitation and support of the Kingdom.

* Yemeni writer


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