An American study identifies an ideal place for the reproduction of “Corona” in the body – our lives – destinations


A group of scientists from the United States reached the conclusion that the coronavirus replicates easily in the oral cavity.
According to researchers’ data, the oral cavity, especially the salivary glands, tongue and tonsils, is the best place for foci of the emerging SARS-CoV-2 virus to appear and spread from them later.
The researchers point out, according to “Russia Today” that the risk of infection with this virus through the mouth has not been estimated, as the chances of infection increase through swallowing saliva or entering it directly into the lungs. The risk of transmitting infection from one person to another also increases. Therefore, researchers advise that you should wear masks, as it is the most effective way to prevent the spread of the virus and the transmission of infection.
And the researchers indicate, that this is the first study of the novel coronavirus replication exclusively in the mouth. Because all previous studies were focused on the emergence of infection in the nose and lungs. The characteristic symptoms of “mouth infection” are still being studied, and researchers have now been able to identify the classic symptoms of “Covid-19” – loss of taste and dry mouth for a long time.

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