Aminox longs fans for his new album


The Moroccan artist preparesAminoxTo release a mini album titled “Rai Diyala”, which is scheduled to be released in the next few days.

And the poster for the album was published on his personal account on a social networking site, commenting on “How I promised you today revealed the name of the mini album.”

The album is 4 songs written and composed by Aminox, and distributed by Yones Al-Jahfawi, Atomic and Vibiano, where the songs carry a musical mixture between the identity of rai music and different experiences of the character that Aminox was known to the audience.

The album’s songs will be released in succession between November 4 and 7, as it includes a duet with Nag, titled “Mama Diyala” on the topic of the mother.

It is noteworthy that Aminox’s last work is the song “Mona Lisa”, written by him, composed and arranged by Younes Al-Jahfawi, in addition to a song shared with rapper Halwa entitled “Sanderella”.


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