American rapper Trey Songz tested positive for Corona … Learn his message to the world


American rapper Trey Sungs announced that he had been infected with the Coronavirus (COVID-19), a news that many famous artistic sites have circulated during the past hours, and he is scheduled to isolate now to avoid spreading the infection, in the same week in which the 35-year-old star is preparing to launch His new album.

Trey explained on his Instagram page that he is being tested for the Corona virus. COVID-19 “Periodically over the past few months, but this time it got a positive result.

Trey Sungs, who was one of the participants in the protests, noted: ” Black Lives Matter In a message he presented through his Instagram page, he said: “I have tested positive for a virus COVID-19 “In fact, I took many tests because I was participating in the protest, distributing food, in addition to, of course, I have a very young son at home, so the tests are done regularly and this time, unfortunately, the result was positive.”

He continued, saying: “About 7.5 million Americans were infected with the Corona virus, and one in every thousand blacks died as a result of that, and I will take this seriously, and I will adhere to self-quarantine, I will be in my home until my results become negative.”


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