American media: Trump’s election campaign manager was infected with the Corona virus


Newspaper said “The New York TimesThe American said that the result of the Corona virus test was negative for US Vice President Mike Pence, who is the first person who can occupy the position in the Oval Office if President Trump becomes very ill and cannot carry out his duties.

As a result, Pence plans to resume his campaigning and representation of the president, including the vice president’s debate on Wednesday night.

Pence announced his plan hours after President Trump and First Lady Melania announced that the tests had come out positive, and the White House doctor responsible for the vice president’s health confirmed that Pence is still in good health and is free to carry out his normal activities.

Pence spokesman Devin O’Malley said that, as has been the norm for months, the vice president is tested daily to detect Corona, and Pence wishes a speedy recovery for President Trump and the first lady.

The US Vice President is working from his home miles from the White House, acting on behalf of the president in meetings and communications, and is preparing for next week’s debate with Senator Kamala Harris of California, the Democratic vice presidential candidate.

The University of Utah, which is hosting the next debate, announced that it will be held on schedule next Wednesday, October 7, as planned.

After this debate at the University of Utah, the vice president will participate in campaign events in Arizona and Indiana, according to a senior White House administration official.

After years of speculation about the future of Pence and his succession to President Trump, in the event of an interrogation and investigation or resignation due to files related to Russia or Ukraine, it is now clear that the Vice President will assume some presidential duties temporarily, and there is a tendency among White House officials not to transfer power to him, even for a short period .

In the coming days, however, Pence prepares to take on a prominent role in the election campaign, and may represent the president at events originally planned for President Trump when he was in good health.

The vice president’s doctor, Jesse T Schönau, said that Mike Pence does not need to be quarantined, and has not mixed with anyone who has tested positive for Corona.

With the intensity of the upcoming events, Pence represented the President in meetings with officials in the health sector, nursing homes and their advocates, to inform them of the measures taken by the US administration to protect the elderly from the Corona virus.

Due to Pence being watched at several events without a muzzle, questions arise about the vice president’s health, especially with the approaching events in which he will participate, which has raised some speculation about the transfer of power to him temporarily.


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