Amazon is the biggest gainer … the internet giants are reaping the corona profits


The major groups of the Internet, “Amazon”, “Alphabet” (Google) and “Facebook”, have once again recorded huge profits in the last quarter of the year, despite political pressure and the Covid-19 epidemic, but these billions and investments do not necessarily serve their interests in the face of the officials who call for its dismantling. .

Amazon sales, the biggest winner from the isolation measures, increased by 37 percent to more than $ 96 billion in the third quarter of the year. But that did not arouse the enthusiasm of the New York Stock Exchange, which was expecting better performance, and the group’s shares fell 1.87 percent on Thursday.

And “Amazon” which is based in Seattle announced that it has created 400 thousand jobs since the beginning of the year in all parts of the world, noting also “plans to invest billions of dollars to help small and medium-sized companies succeed” in its very popular market.

These groups are subject to numerous investigations into their alleged anti-competitive practices. “What is ironic is that good performance results (…) will reveal their excessive strength, and ultimately fuel enthusiasm for their dismantling in Washington,” said Daniel Eve of Wedbush Securities.


Alphabet and Facebook also recorded huge profits. The value of Alphabet sales amounted to 46.2 billion dollars, an increase of 14 percent, and achieved profits of 11.2 billion dollars.

For its part, the social network “Facebook” achieved net profits of $ 7.85 billion, an increase of 29 percent over the previous quarter, despite being boycotted by many major companies such as “Adidas” and “Coca-Cola”, in response to calls from non-governmental organizations concerned about the spread of Incitement to violence or hatred.

Although Facebook has lost fewer users in the United States and Canada this summer than in the spring, more than 2.5 billion people in the world connect daily to at least one of its four apps (Facebook, Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp), an increase of 15 percent from last year.

Mark Zuckerberg, founder of the network, spoke about about a hundred billion messages sent every day via WhatsApp, “stressing at the same time that he faces” intense competition in all fields. ”

The US Department of Justice and 11 US states launched a prosecution against the Alphabet Group for allegedly exploiting its dominant position. But the battle appears to be long.

“We believe that our products bring great benefits and we will promote them … But most of our energy remains focused on our users and making great products,” Group President Sundar Pichai told analysts at a conference.

Tech companies have benefited from the health crisis, which has made their services more important in daily life. She constantly remembers that the situation would have been more difficult without her tools, a large part of which is provided free to the public.

Facebook test

Zuckerberg and his counterparts in the other two groups confronted “Twitter” and “Google” (YouTube), angry US senators about their power and influence.

Days before the November 3 elections in the United States, the strikes were launched against the heads of technology groups whom the right accused of “censoring” and the left of being lenient about the contents.

Zuckerberg admitted Thursday that “next week will be a test for Facebook” to avoid using the platform again for disinformation campaigns as it did in 2016.

Faced with attacks from the authorities about respecting private life, the site acknowledged the “need for new regulations regarding the personal suitability of advertisements” that are at the core of its economic model.

But he also said he was concerned that “some of the proposals, especially in Europe, and the measures that companies like Apple are planning may have negative effects on small and medium-sized companies and the economic recovery in 2021.”


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