Al-Tabtaba by Hussein Al Jasmi received over 160 million views


aFor a song from the lyrics of the song, “With your blood and you remain in a mood .. I join the DVD in your hands .. You are not in the treatment of you .. Oh I found the plump .. And it is stronger if I did not go out far … you laughed in it .. Keep a new uniform.”

It is noteworthy that the song “Bel Bunta” was written by Ayman Bahjat Qamar, and composed by: Hussein Al Jasmi, and distributed by “Mixaj” and Master: Touma.

In The song Al Hassas, by Emirati singer Hussain Al Jasmi, achieved 16 million 500 thousand views after it was released on his official YouTube channel on the video site, on July 1.

The song Al-Hassas, by Hussein Al-Jasmi, carries in its lyrics an emotional dialogue with the heart, and renewed “Al-Jasmi” through it, through his cooperation with the poet Ahmed Al-Sanea, from the distribution, mixing and master of Hussam Kamel, and the song included in his dialogue with his heart singing; Beautiful and touching words to describe the feelings of joy and distance from sadness.

And the song’s lyrics say: “O my sensitive heart, if you are hurt, there is nothing wrong with it… in love that abolishes love… and in people you wipe out people… please do not be sad… relax and be reassured… some of the encounter is painful… and some separation is better.”

The song “Al Hassas” was shown on Hussein Al Jasmi’s official channel on YouTube with a special video that included the lyrics of the song in full, and was shown on all Gulf and Arab radio stations.

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