Al-Nassr Refuses to Raise the White Flag … A New Development in the “Persepolis Crisis”


An integrated file against the decision of the continental union

Al-Nasr Club, headed by Safwan Al-Sweiket, refused to raise the white flag in front of the intransigence of the AFC, against the backdrop of the decision to reject the global protest, against Iran’s Persepolis club qualifying for the Champions League final.

Faris Najd decided to preserve the club’s rights to reserve a ticket to qualify for the AFC Champions League final. Where an official source inside the Al-Nasr Club confirmed that the global administration had officially appealed, on Monday, the confederation’s decision.

The source explained, in statements to “Kwoura” website, that Al-Suwaiket management has studied the reasons for rejecting the club’s protest, and has prepared a complete file to the AFC in order to preserve the rights of victory in qualifying for the final.

Earlier, FIFA punished Persepolis by banning the conclusion of new deals. Due to the crisis of late financial dues for players who had previously played in the team’s ranks and filed complaints against it, the Iranian club registered new players days before the Asian Championship.

Al-Nasr club management formally moved against Persepolis, submitting documents and documents to the AFC, to protest against the ineligibility of the participation of Issa Al-Ekseir, Ihssan Bahlvan, Saeed Aghaei, Hamid Lak, Arman Ramadani, Ali Shojaei and Milad Sarlak, in the Champions League semi-final match.

The victory in the protest was based on the Iranian club’s neglect of paying the dues of the Croatian coach Branco Ivankovic, the current coach of the Oman national team, which was decided by the International Federation to oblige Pirozzi to pay it in full before concluding new deals.

The AFC announced, earlier, that the victory protest against the legality of the Iranian Persepolis player registration in the Champions League semi-final match was rejected. The curtain officially falls on the participation of Al-Alamy in the continental championship.

Fares announced that Najd adhered to Al-Alami’s right to qualify for the AFC Champions League final, by completing the legal procedures each in the protest against the Iranian team, despite the shocking rejection by the AFC.

The decision of the Continental Federation, which represents a link in the chain of intransigence against Saudi clubs, which began with the unfair exclusion of Al Hilal from the tournament, at a time when international regulations expert Ahmed Al-Amir stressed: “If the rules and regulations adopted by the Asian Football Confederation and the International Federation were applied regarding Registration periods, registration methods and participation licenses, the victory protest will be accepted, but if some or some of them are overlooked, that is sufficient to reject the protest. But the Cup court will be the owner of the final word.

The prince tweeted, through his personal account on “Twitter”: “The Iranian Federation violated the rules and regulations for registration periods and entered them in the TMS system to tamper with the method of registering its local players, despite the international ban issued; As he did not, until the date of October 2, enter those periods in the system despite the opening of the period on September 1 ».

Regarding the rejection of the protest of victory, he commented, saying: “Whoever does not understand in sports law says that the protest was rejected in form .. There is a difference between the term Disregards and the term Dismissed .. The protest was rejected only subject matter, and it is subject to appeal, and the victory is entitled to request reasons within 10 days before it The decision becomes final. ”

Al-Nassr lost to Persepolis, in the semi-finals of the 2020 AFC Champions League, by a score of 3-5 in a penalty shoot-out, after the end of the original and extra time of the match that brought them together by a 1-1 positive draw.


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