Al-Nassr qualified for the AFC Champions League Final? .. “FIFA” decides its decision


Revealed Press reports about the final decision of the International Federation of Football Association (FIFA), in A complaint by the Board of Directors of Al-Nasr Club, headed by Safwan Al-Sweikat, against the Iranian Persepolis team.

Al-Nassr fell, with penalty kicks (3-5) in front of Persepolis, after a draw in the original and extra time (1-1), in the semi-finals of the 2020 AFC Champions League, hosted by Doha, Qatar.

After the match, Al-Nasr lodged a protest against Persepolis, to register the Iranian club’s board of directors, new players, to the list of the first football team, despite the decision to prevent him from contracting.

The Asian Football Confederation’s Appeals Committee rejected Al-Nasr’s protest, so the club’s board of directors, headed by Safwan Al-Suwaiket, announced the escalation of the case to the International Sports Court (CAS).

Before Cass announced its final decision, Al Shababiah newspaper indicated that FIFA had sent an official letter to the Asian Football Confederation (AFC), announcing its opinion in the victory case against Persepolis.

* FIFA speech …

The newspaper pointed out that the “FIFA” speech to the AFC confirmed that the registration of players for the first football team at Persepolis Club was legal and legal.

The newspaper stressed that “FIFA” made it clear that the Iranian Football Association did not commit any legal violation when registering the players of the first football team at Persepolis.

And FIFA had previously asked the Iranian federation to send documents on the registration mechanism for new Persepolis players during the last summer transfer period.

* Big controversy ..

In recent days, legal controversy erupted over the strength of the victory position or not, in the case against Iranian Persepolis, and the possibility of it qualifying for the AFC Champions League final, instead of the Iranian team, if excluded.

And the jurists who supported the weakness of the victory position, relied on the fact that Persepolis’ contracts came during the grace period that FIFA granted to Persepolis, in order to pay the salaries of coaches and former players, who based on their complaint, the team was prevented from contracting.

After the end of the grace period, FIFA prevented the Iranian club from concluding any new contracts, starting from September 12, which is what Persepolis has already committed to, as no new player has registered after this date.

As for the side in favor of the strength of the legal victory position, they relied on the clause of “bad faith”, as Persepolis had no intention of paying the salaries of former players and coaches, and he used the grace period from FIFA only, to make new contracts, to be registered on the team list. , Before the ban.

And between the FIFA decision and the opinion of those who support the strength of the legal victory position or not .. The question remains: “How will the final response of the International Sports Court be?”

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