Al-Hilal offers Salman Al-Faraj a “gift” to Al-Nassr … dangerous scenes


Two people do not disagree on the artistic value of the great international star Salman Al-Faraj, the median field of the first football team of Al-Hilal club, and which mystery surrounds his future, inside Al-Zaeem Castle.

Al-Faraj, who is 31 years old, with Al-Hilal Club expires in June 2021, amid conflicting news about whether to renew his contract or not, and that Al-Nasr entered the deal, by luring the player with huge advantages to contract with him, upon entering the free period, next January.

The advantages presented by the Board of Directors of Al-Nasr Club, headed by Safwan Al-Suwaiket, to Al-Farag, to persuade him not to renew his contract with Al-Hilal, and to join Al-Alamy Castle, according to what was circulated in the media during the last period; she:

1- An annual salary ranging between 10 to 12 million riyals.

2- Signing a 3-year contract with the captaincy of the team.

3- Obtaining a villa and a car, a non-renewal bonus for the Crescent.

Despite the fact that most Al Hilal fans did not accept the idea of ​​the departure of the brilliant international player from the team, and his move to victory in particular, a sector of the fans began to lose patience with the player and welcomes his abandonment, after the end of his contract, in June 2021.

And this welcome the departure of the player, appeared in the comments of a number of Al-Hilal fans, on the video circulating to Faraj, on social media, in which he joked with a number of his friends, after his recent injury, which he suffered in the shoulder, during the match in front of Abha, in the semi-finals of the Cup Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques.

This sector of the masses, in its justification for welcoming the player’s departure, stated that Al-Faraj, his absence from the stadiums, became more than his participation in matches, and therefore his move to victory will be more implication than a technical statement for several reasons she:

1- Paying huge sums of money for a player who cannot participate in half of the season’s matches.

2- Igniting a crisis in Al-Nasr’s dressing rooms, due to the huge salary that Al-Faraj will receive.

* Previous experiences

And between those who support the departure of Al-Farag and those who oppose this, there are several experiences that confirm that Fahd bin Nafal, president of Al Hilal Club, will be the owner of the supreme word in this file, especially as he is not afraid of the anger of the masses.

Bin Nafl, who assumed the presidency of Al Hilal, in June 2019, began his successful term in Qalaat Al-Zaeem, with a fiery decision, which was to abandon the team’s star, the great Emirati playmaker Omar Abdul Rahman “Amouri”.

Most of the Al Hilal fans asked Bin Nafel to renew the contract of their “first lover”, but the club president had a vision that the Emirati player had become unable to give due to his third injury to a cut in the cruciate ligament, and his long history with physical problems .

Ben Nafel did not stop at this point, but decided at the end of the last sports season 2019-2020 not to renew the contract of the historic scorer for foreigners of the team, Brazilian Carlos Eduardo, preferring to contract with a new foreigner who breathes more spirit into the team, which was done with in a deal Argentine Luciano Vito.

History of injuries

And with the surprises of Bin Nafel, every summer, the question remains:Will Salman Al-Faraj be pumping at the end of the current season, especially with the player’s great history with injuries?“.

The history of vulva, with injuries and physical problems, is very large, especially in recent years. In the last sports season only, the international player missed 20 official matches for the first football team. As follows:

First: missing 11 matches in the professional league.

Second: Absence from 3 matches in the AFC Champions League.

Third: Absence from all 3 FIFA Club World Cup matches.

Fourth: Absence from 3 matches in the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques Cup.

Al-Faraj did not participate, except in only 15 matches, out of 42 that the first football team of Al-Hilal Club fought in the 2018-2019 season, in which the team lost all the tournaments it participated in.

As for the current sports season 2020-2021, Salman Al-Faraj only played 16 minutes against Abha in the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques Cup semi-finals, before he suffered a new injury.

It is worth noting that Al-Faraj, one of the sons of Al-Hilal, who graduated in various Sunni groups, before ascending to the first football team, in 2008.

Since that time, Al-Faraj has played 233 official matches with the Al-Hilal football first team, during which he has scored 20 goals and made 21 others.

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