Al-Burj youth sweep the gas in the Lebanese League | sport


The Shabab Al-Borg team swept its counterpart Al-Shabab Al-Ghazieh 4-1, in the match that took place between them on Friday afternoon at Al-Ahd Stadium, opening the fourth round of the 61st Lebanese Football League, and scored by Shabab Al-Burj, who raised their tally to seven points from two wins, a draw and a loss, Ali Hammoud Ali Hazema and Adnan Melhem (2). And for Al-Shabab Al-Ghazieh, whose score remained at three points, Muhammad Baqir Ayoub.

The tour continues on Saturday and Sunday according to the following schedule:


Solidarity x Sahel (Covenant) 15.30

Serenity x Brotherhood (Jounieh) 16.05


Najma x Tripoli (Tripoli) 14.15

Peace x tower (Bhamdoun) 14.15

Al-Ansar x Ahed (Jounieh) 16.05

The draw for the age groups’ championships was drawn at the Federation’s headquarters in Verdun, in the presence of the technical director Bassem Mohamed, along with representatives of the participating clubs.

The championships for the age groups in the youth and cubs championships will open together from November 15, when 12 teams will participate in the first, and the teams will compete in the youth championship in the league system from one stage, and the winners in the first six places will qualify for a six-stage tournament whose matches will be held from one stage to determine the champion.

In the first week, the Al-Ahly brothers faced a lot in the face of Al-Ansar, the tower with the star, Al-Hikma and Atlético, Racing and Al-Ahly Sidon, Al-Tadamun, Tire and Shaheem, Al-Ahed and Reform, the northern tower.

As for the Junior Championship, the 24 participating teams are divided into 3 groups, and each group will play the league system in two stages (back and forth) and the first and second place winners qualify for the final stage, in which the teams will compete in a six-round tournament whose matches are held in the league system from one stage, and the first place winner will win the title.

The draw for the first week of the first group competitions resulted in a few confrontations with Sporting with Shabab Al-Sahel, Tadamon Tire and Shabab Al-Borg, Beirut, Al-Ahd and Al-Ahly Nabatieh with Hobbs, while Homenetmen Beirut Al-Nijmeh, Racing with the Desert Star, Al-Ansar with Al-Sharq and Al-Hikma with Sporting Sports in the second group.

As for the third group, Zamalek signed Beirut against Al-Huda, Al Nasr Al Hadath with Peace, Zgharta, Atlético with the Cubs of El Mina and Tripoli with the Youth of Majdalaya.

The Junior and Baraem tournaments will be launched next January, and the same system will be applied to the Junior Championships.


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