Al-Ahly takes the lead in Saudi Arabia at the expense of Al-Wehda


RIYADH – Al-Ahly Club snatched three valuable points after its victory over Al-Wehda 1-0 Thursday at King Abdullah Sports City Stadium in Jeddah, within the second phase of the Saudi Football League.

Al-Ahly took the lead temporarily after raising its balance to six points, while Al-Wehda remained three points in its previous balance in eighth place.

The first half appeared with a good level from the two teams, whose attacks were limited. Brazilian Luiz Gustavo scored a strong ball, which was grabbed by Muhammad al-Rubaie in two batches (17), and Al-Ahly responded in the same way when Brazilian Lucas Lima scored a strong ball from a free kick that was saved by Abdullah Al-Oweisher (21). The player repeated the same attempt, but his ball went over the crossbar a little (24).

Al-Wahda nearly snatched a goal at the end of the first half, but Hernani Fortis’s ball was attacked by Al-Rubaie and turned with his fingertips into a corner.

In the second half, Al-Wahda missed a goal scored when Frenchman Youssef Nyakate received a cross that he played in the body of the goalkeeper, who succeeded in positioning properly (53).

Al-Qaim represented the Al-Ahly goalkeeper when he confronted Gustavo’s ball before it took its way outside the stadium (64).

And from a coordinated attack, Al-Ahly succeeded in scoring when Alexandru Mitrica received a ball on the outskirts of the penalty area and played it strong to the right of Al-Oweisher, to hit the post and embrace the net (73).

Al-Oweisheer saved his goal from an investigator when he confronted the ball of Sultan Mendes before it returned to the infiltrating Somah and ended its danger (90).


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