Ahmed Moussa reveals a surprise regarding the termination of his contract with Al-Nasr


Sports Observatory – Amjad: Ahmed Musa, the former player of Al-Nasr Club, revealed a surprise about the termination of his contract with Al-Nasr Club, and spoke about his next step.

“I met with the club management and asked them to terminate my contract, and they were kind enough to let me go,” Moussa told ESPN.

Moussa went on to tell ESPN: “I enjoyed my time during the two years I spent here with Al Nassr, and the club was great for me.

“I’ve always wanted to go back to Europe, and I feel this is the best time for me to take this step,” Moussa added to ESPN. “I want to come back to play at a higher level again against the best players in the world.”

He continued: I would like to thank everyone at Al Nasr and all the fans for their understanding and respect for my desires, and I especially thank them for making me feel that I am a big part of the club and I will never forget them.


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