Ahmed Moussa “embarrasses” Al-Nasr with a provocative behavior … “despite his expulsion”


Press reports revealed the “wonderful” behavior of the Nigerian, Ahmed Musa, Jinnah The first football team at the former Al-Nasr club, with whom a financial clearance was signed.

Al-Nasr signed a financial clearance with Musa on the last day of the summer mercato in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, two years after contracting with him, in a deal that is the most expensive in the Saudi stadiums, at 16.5 million pounds.

According to the “24 Sports” satellite, Musa waived more than 50 million riyals of his financial dues to Al-Nasr club, despite the bad way in which he left the first football team.

The satellite channel indicated that the Nigerian star demanded only his late monthly salaries and bonuses until the current month of October, which amounted to 15 million riyals.

She explained that Ahmed Musa, who is 28 years old, did not object to reaching an agreement with the Nasr Administration on scheduling these sums.

It is worth noting that Moussa played 57 official matches with the first football team at Al-Nasr Club, during which he scored 11 goals and made 14 others.


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