Ahmed El-Sakka to Tamer Hosni: “I made a mistake that I spoke on air. Your right is up to me. Don’t be upset.”


The star Ahmed El-Sakka was keen to send a letter of apology to the star Tamer Hosni after his statements in the program “The Biography” with the media Wafaa Al-Kilani, when he blamed Tamer Hosni for his participation in the film of money as an honorary guest, to be surprised that his picture and name appeared on the poster of the work as the hero of the film, which hurt him. Through his account on Facebook, saying: “A message to a dear friend, my friend and my dear brother Tamer Hosni. You know what is between me and you is living, salt and many needs …. I may have made a mistake that I spoke about the subject on the air, but God knows how wounded I was and how sad I was.” . Mesh Hatoul you Aktar than this even if I Yali Xue and you stay Khachin Xue Ya uncle Tamer Hosni, the ones with us, don’t get upset with you, uncle, and your rights are over himAnd the time for the next party is coming. “

Ahmed El Sakka

Tamer Hosni responded to Al-Sakka’s statements through his official account on the Instagram website, where he said that he did not like to respond, but during the last hours and the public was asking, so it was necessary to clarify, then he added that he spoke to Sakka during the last period after this situation on two occasions without any reproach From Al-Saqqa, stressing that this talk should not have come out on television, but rather this speech should have been between them and some – as he said -.

Then he continued his talk about retrieving a position in the series “Ould Al-Ghalaba” when he participated for the only time in his career as a guest of honor for the sake of Al-Saqa, confirming that he went to film the scene in just half an hour at eight in the morning for the sake of Oyoun Al-Saqqa, whom he considers a friend of his life.


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