Ahmed El-Sakka reveals a complex that made him wait for the death of his father: After his death, I felt that I was naked .. Video


The star Ahmed El-Sakka said, during his hosting with the media Wafaa Al-Kilani in the program “Al-Sirah” broadcast on the dmc satellite channel: “I am the one who broke the thorn of the spine. Parents are young and I see that my parents are very old at the time.

He added, “I lived with a knot from my junior over the day when my father dies, and by the idea I used to cover myself in the winter and give when I think about this issue.” After his death he felt naked. “

He continued, saying: “I spoke once with my mother about this issue and she said to me,” No empty words .. Our Lord is here and gives him health and gives him the right to you, and the lack of obsession until he came to the day that our Lord is destined for and passed away and departed from our world and that day I fell and woke up from the sleep I was asleep. “

Media Wafa Al Kilani returns to presenting programs after two years of absence since her last program, “Takharif”. The biography is based on hosting art stars and celebrities and conducting dialogue with them about the stations they went through in their lives, whether artistic or personal. The guest list includes a large number of stars, most notably Amir Karara and Yusra. Samir Ghanem and others.

Al-Sakka recently appeared in an episode of the program “With You” with the media, Mona El-Shazly, on the channel cbc In it, he talked about many aspects, including his artistic beginnings, his enrollment in acting and the role of his father in his life, as well as his relationship with his fellow artists, most notably Mohamed Henedy, in addition to his talk about many artistic matters, his roles and the development of his artistic career until he reached the position it is.

It is noteworthy that the star Ahmed El Sakka recently finished filming the movie “The Spider” written by Muhammad Nair and directed by Ahmed Nader Jalal. No final date has been set for its release in cinemas.


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