Ahmed Al-Amir reveals the fate of Al-Nasr’s complaint against Persepolis … and this confirms what settles the matter!


Sports Monitor: Ahmed Al-Amir, a legal and researcher in FIFA regulations, revealed today, Thursday, the fate of the protest filed by Al-Nasr Club against Iranian Persepolis.

“The Prince” wrote through his personal account on the social networking site Twitter: “If the rules and regulations approved by the AFC and FIFA were implemented regarding registration periods and registration methods; And licenses to participate, the protest of victory will be accepted. ”

He continued, saying, “But if some of them or some of them are overlooked, that is sufficient to reject the protest, but the cup will be the owner of the word of decisiveness in the final.”

The Iranian team succeeded in snatching the qualifying card for the 2020 AFC Champions League final, after beating the world in penalties, after the end of the original and overtime times in a draw.


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