Aguero is in the eye of the storm … echoes of “shameful behavior” haunt him


وقام Aguero During the events of the match by placing his hand on the shoulder of the assistant referee Cyan Massey-EllisAfter she indicated in a joint ball a side throw for Saleh ArsenalWhile Aguero wanted her for Manchester City, the referee’s assistant raised her hand to keep Aguero’s hand away from her.

Siyan Machi, 35, is one of the most well-known match referees in football, And participated in matches Premier League Al Mumtaz since 2010, and was awarded the MBE Football Service Award in 2017.

A lot of former players, soccer experts, and fans have launched across Social media The various attacks strongly attack Aguero, and the player also gained many new opponents from the female side, as many around the world rejected the player’s behavior, describing him as disrespectful in dealing with a woman.

And joined the American Alex Morgan, his star The United States national team For football, for the campaign to attack the player, and I posted an angry tweet about what I did on Twitter.

Jimena Bandoro, a staff member of the US women’s national team, wrote on Twitter about the player’s behavior: “insulting. Lack of respect. Arrogant. Nape. Lower back. Common unwanted touches that make you feel small and weak when dealing with a stranger. Totally, “she added,” I hate this very much. “

This storm comes at a time when a large number of fans demanded a heavy punishment on Agüero, and criticized the match ruling for not showing him the red card in his face, stressing that his behavior is unacceptable.

British writer Leanne Prescott wrote: Aguero touched the neck of Sian Massi, which is very bad, and former English football stars Ian Wright, Alan Shearer and Gary Lineker also launched an attack on the player, and denounced what he had done.

For his part, the coach defended Manchester CityPep Guardiola, on Aguero after the end of the match, when asked about what he had done, and said: “He is the kindest person I have met in my life. We cannot discuss what he has done, look for problems in other situations, not in this case.”


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