After trying the Corona vaccine, dreams reveal her health, news


10/04 11:03

Emirati artist Ahlam underwent a trial of the first dose of the emerging corona virus vaccine, as part of the UAE Ministry of Health campaign to confront the virus and limit its spread.

Ahlam was keen to reassure her fans after trying the vaccine, and she confirmed that her health is good and that after 3 days she feels comfortable.

She wrote: “Good evening, today is the third day of the vaccination that I took for Covid 19. Praise be to God. Everything is excellent, and I am very comfortable and confident in my country that it is the owner of the pioneer. I always ask God to benefit all humanity.”

Ahlam had published a video of her taking the vaccine and wrote:

“Out of my belief and appreciation for the efforts made in my country, the Emirates, and its wise leadership, and based on the national duty and my great confidence in the Emirati medical sector, and my desire to contribute to the end of this pandemic against the Emirati singer Ahlam decided to take the vaccination for the new Corona virus, which became available to test its impact on resisting the spreading virus. .

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On the other hand, the artist, Ahlam, released her new song “Ana Medri A’n Al Nas”, the words of Badr bin Abdul Mohsen, composed by musician Talal, distributed by Yahya Al-Mogi, supervised by Khaled Abu Munther, and Musaj Jassim Mohammed, and she is also waiting for the release of her latest albums.

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