After the video of the dancer and the picture of “the Kaaba” .. Omar Kamal to his followers: “Hachilua is an adjective of Muslim and you disbelieve me”


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Festivals singer Omar Kamal congratulated his fans and followers on the birth of the Prophet with a picture from the Grand Mosque in Mecca, where a number of his followers attacked him for posting a video that brought him together with the Brazilian dancer Lordina and Hama Beka on the song “You are a teacher”, a few hours earlier.

And «Kamal» published the photo on his official page on the famous communication and photo site Instagram, commenting: “Every year and you are good on the occasion of the birth of the Prophet,” one of the followers responds to him: “You come laughing at us after you were with the dance (..) but a provocative move Oi ».

He added: “How about an hour a video house with a dance showing a picture while you are on Hajj and you say the Messenger of God,” Ok, how are you like that, like the one who drank wine and started praying and is convinced that it is true and the strange thing is that you are upset and want to convince him that you are right. “

Omar Kamal

Omar Kamal replied to his followers, saying: “The post has afflicted me with people on the occasion that I am one Muslim, saying there is no god but God, Muhammad is the Messenger of God. I have no connection with my work. This is the day in the Haram to do religious rituals for our Lord, whose relationship with him does not have an invitation to it.”

He added: “What is my job video relationship that I congratulate people on a religious occasion, since I am a Muslim, and I will not deny me the status of a Muslim and disbelieve me, and it is not my right to celebrate the Messenger whom I believe in and came to love him by nature.”

It is noteworthy that the singer Omar Kamal is preparing to release his new song “You are a teacher”, in cooperation with the festivals singer, Hamo Beka.

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