After the “Huawei” strike … a quick response from “Google” with special updates for this application


After the painful blow by the Chinese company Huawei, the leading in the manufacture of smart phones, to both Google and Android, by equipping them with alternatives to their main applications, the response came quickly from “Google”, which announced, according to the “GSM Arena” technical website, that it presented an update for the “Maps” application. Google ”includes new exceptional features.

She explained that the “Google Maps” application includes new features associated with identifying bike paths and paths.

“Google” said that the demand for cycling on Google Maps has grown significantly in light of the outbreak of the “Covid 19” pandemic.

It indicated that the demand for cycling routes increased by 69%.

Google provides in its update to “Google Maps” two unique features, linked to determining the paths of bicycle paths, and the possibility of movement to some major cities.

Google used an algorithm with the help of artificial intelligence, crowdsourcing data and data collected with local municipalities to provide the features.

In some cities, you can now use Google Maps to guide you through bike lanes or streets and bike-friendly areas. It also enables users to pick up some very difficult shortcuts when you are on two wheels.

Plus, Google Maps now offers step-by-step navigation with bike rental locations when available.

Just like commuting on public transport but by bike instead.

Google Maps has a deeper integration with some bike rental services in different cities to facilitate the booking process on the go.

“Huawei” has announced that it has started offering alternative applications to Android applications that Google has previously banned from “Huawei” phones, most notably the “Petal Maps” application.


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