After the end of the international arms embargo … America warns countries against trading in arms with Iran


Today, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo warned states and individuals against any sale or purchase of conventional weapons with Iran, while Tehran said today that the UN embargo imposed on it was lifted automatically according to the Iranian nuclear agreement, after 10 years of its entry into force.

Pompeo added – in a statement – that his country is “ready to punish any individual or entity that contributes to the supply, sale and transfer of conventional weapons to Iran.” The US Secretary called on countries of the world to refrain from participating in arms trade with Iran, considering the matter a contribution “to peace and stability in the Middle East.” And in support of the fight against terrorism. ” The US secretary said that any country that trades weapons with Tehran “clearly chooses to fuel conflicts and tensions.”

Last September, Moscow expressed its intention to develop its military cooperation with Tehran once the UN embargo was lifted, and China also did not hide its intention to sell Iran weapons after the lifting of the embargo took effect.

Specific date
The date of October 18, 2020 (the passage of five years since Security Council Resolution No. 2231), was set to lift the embargo on Iran with regard to conventional weapons under the nuclear agreement that Iran concluded in 2015 with the major powers (the United States, Britain, France, and Russia) , China, and Germany). The Iran nuclear deal aims to prevent Tehran from developing nuclear weapons in exchange for sanctions relief.

Conventional weapons refer to the various weapons available in the world, with the exception of weapons of mass destruction, which are nuclear, biological and chemical weapons.

The administration of President Donald Trump, which unilaterally withdrew from the nuclear agreement in 2018, last month sought to extend the Security Council arms embargo imposed on Iran, but its endeavor was opposed by the vast majority of Security Council members, especially Russia and China.

After failure

Following the failure in the Security Council, the Trump administration announced at the end of last month the re-imposition of UN sanctions on Tehran under a mechanism in the nuclear deal called “automatic sanctions”, in case Iran violates the terms of the agreement.

Hours before Pompeo’s statement, the Iranian Foreign Ministry said that the arms restrictions imposed on Tehran by the Security Council 10 years ago expired today. The ministry added – in a statement – that based on this order, Iran “can, starting from today, provide any necessary weapons and equipment from any source, without any legal restrictions, and based on its defense needs only. It can also, based on its policies, export its defense weapons.”

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani congratulated the Iranians today on the end of the UN embargo on conventional weapons, describing it as a “diplomatic victory” over the United States.

Iran has stressed on several occasions that its military programs – especially missiles – are only to defend its borders, and do not pose any threat to other countries. On the other hand, America and other Western countries have concerns about Iranian medium-range missiles, whose range ranges between 2000 and 2200 km, and which could extend the range of Israel.


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