After Suarez, the biter is reborn in France


Pictures published by television showed that Oseno Teon, Sochaux player, in the French second division, some Valenciennes goalkeeper Jerome Pryor during the match that took place between the two teams on Saturday, and ended in a negative tie in an atmosphere of tension, translated through 44 errors ( 22 per team).
And it appeared in the video how Tion approached Pryor, who was far from the altercations, as if he wanted to whisper in his ear, but the latter pushed him forcefully away from him, and he began to complain about being bitten, proving that with a bloody mark on his cheek.
After the end of the match and leaving the stadium, the goalkeeper went to the referee to explain to him how the opposing team’s player had bitten him, in a replay of what Uruguayan star Luis Suarez was famous for, most notably his assault on Giorgio Chiellini, the Italian defender, during the 2014 World Cup.


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