After one of the participants became ill … Sources suggest resuming the American trials of the “AstraZeneca” vaccine.


Cautious The chief scientific advisor in the United Kingdom, Patrick Vallance, stated that the emerging corona virus will become like many endemic diseases such as seasonal influenza, and that the ongoing vaccines, some of which are nearing clinical stages, will not eliminate the virus.

He said, “The idea of ​​eliminating Covid is not correct, because it will definitely return,” noting that there was only one human disease that was “truly eliminated” thanks to a highly effective vaccine, smallpox.

Valance also said that he believes that we are unlikely to end up with a truly sterile vaccine, that is, a vaccine that stops the infection completely, as “it is possible that this disease will spread and become endemic, and this is my best assessment.”

Valance’s statement came on the occasion of a statement he submitted to the National Security Strategy Committee in London on Monday.

This specialist believes that vaccination will reduce the chance of infection and the severity of the disease only, because the virus will start to appear like the annual flu, “this may be the direction we end up in,” the man says in a statement circulated by British media.

Biotechnology companies and academia around the world have joined forces to try to create a vaccine against the Corona virus very quickly due to its ferocity.

On Monday, 40 million confirmed cases of Coronavirus were counted worldwide, and the virus also caused the death of 1.1 million people, according to data from Johns Hopkins University in America.

Historically, it took an average of 10 years to produce a vaccine from scratch, Valance said, and the fastest vaccine took less than five years.

Valance believes that we are now in an exceptional situation where there are at least eight vaccines in very large clinical studies around the world, and thus we will know over the next few months whether we have any vaccines that really protect and for how long.

He added that a number of vaccines have created an immune response and an antibody response, but only phase 3 clinical trials will prove whether they “actually protect people from infection.”

Valance concluded that he does not believe there will be any vaccine available for widespread use in the community at least until spring.

Valance’s comment reconfirmed the information transmitted by the site. “The Next WebRecently, Covid-19 infection has likely turned from a pandemic to an endemic disease, which means the spread of infection “at a constant level in certain places and at all times, and perhaps at a relatively low rate, and is sometimes predictable.”

And “endemic disease” occurs when there is control of the disease in other places or because the conditions necessary for the transmission of infection do not occur only in specific places, as is the case with malaria and many other diseases transmitted by mosquitoes.

In theory, the infection would become endemic if, on average, every infected individual passed it on to another person. Compared to a pandemic or epidemic, spread occurs to more than one person.

The pandemic means the emergence of an infectious disease in many countries of the world, which causes a global crisis and an urgent desire to contain it.

As for the epidemic, it is the emergence of a disease in a specific geographical area or country and its rapid spread among individuals.

The rates of transmission of endemic disease vary and may appear low at certain times, and increase in spread at other times, and the spread of the disease may depend on the extent to which people contact each other, or their exposure to the disease, or other organisms that spread it, such as insects.


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