After mocking her husband’s looks … Diana Karazon responds to the bullies


The Jordanian artist, Diana Karazon, responded to the recent exposure of her and her media husband, Moaz Al-Omari, to bullying. She expressed her happiness with her marriage, noting that this made her look at the year 2020 in a way that is opposite to that adopted by others.

And Curzon indicated that she held a family party, and that despite this she reserved vacant places with the names of her supposed invitees, to indicate that their places were preserved, but the circumstances of the spread of the new Corona virus were what prevented them from attending.

With regard to her and her husband being bullied, she said that celebrities often face this situation, pointing out that she does not accept this. She turned to those who bullied others’ shapes, calling them to consider theirs first.

The Jordanian artist considered that social networking sites began to turn in a negative direction, and in this context, she mentioned the rumor of her husband being arrested on their wedding day. She expressed her gratitude to the one who invented the “block” feature, as it is the best solution to confronting bullies.

This comes after Diana’s husband was mocked because of his body shape. Many called him to lose weight, commenting on a picture she posted on her Instagram account.

“to her”


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