After her infection, Heba Al-Kawas challenges the Corona virus … with a picture


The Lebanese actress revealedGift of bracesHer suffering, after confirming that she was infected with B.Corona VirusShe challenged him to defeat him.
Al-Kawas wrote on her own page on a social media site: “Although we live with the Coronavirus, we know its seriousness, our certainty of its existence, and our theorizing by taking precautions and adhering to the precautionary measures, we always believe that it infects others and we remain immune to it. And if with this virus that occupied the world, approaching us, it is very close. It invades us and inhabits our respiratory system, our body, and our lives that have already changed since its appearance, and change every moment after we contract it.
Covid 19, coronavirus, corona … or whatever the name, it reached me and infected me, but I promise him that he will not be able to stay for long. Be well, friends, with good health wishes everyone. “


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