After her absence for years, Joanna Mallah surprised her viewers with the first TV interview .. Watch, have you changed a lot?


For the first time after her long absence from the screen, the Lebanese actress appeared Joanna Mallah In a television interview with her on the channel, “Sky News”.

In response to a question about the reason for this absence, Joanna said that this was related to her family as well as circumstances she described as private and personal. She added that she will never leave art because it runs in her veins, she said.

Following this, many observers wondered about the fact that she had returned, expressing their joy at that. Many also remembered her most prominent songs, and others talked about the change in her appearance, indicating that she may have gained some weight and the video achieved more than 76 thousand views.

During the meeting, Joanna talked about her recent work entitled “I am an ArabAnd she said: “It is a national anthem I wrote in 2017 and embodied my perception of Lebanon and the Arab countries that I compared to a child who does not have a home, games or safety, and the song was filmed in a video clip with Bashir Asmar The son of the late director Simon Asmar in the Mar Mikhael region BeirutWhich has been severely damaged due to The harbor explosion”.


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