After Amal Arafa’s apology … Sulaf Fawakherji joins the Kandoush series alongside Ayman Zidan


Syrian actress Sulaf Fawakherji has revealed that she has joined the series “Al-Kandoush”, due to be shown next Ramadan, with a script by Hussam Tahseen Bey, directed by Samir Hussein, and produced by MB.

Fawakherji shared a photo of her followers on social networking sites with the artist Ayman Zaidan and commented: “With the brave man who has no end … again.”

Thus, Slaf meets again with the artist Ayman Zidan in the championship of this work, five years after their meeting in the series “Harir”.

It is worth noting that Slaf recently starred in the series “Chicago Street” directed by Muhammad Abdel Aziz, with the character of Miramar, along with a group of Syrian artists.

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