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A week before the end of the vote on the US presidential and “congressional” elections, the US Senate voted last night to appoint Judge Amy Connie Barrett as a judge on the Supreme Court, after winning 52 Republicans to 47 Democrats against the resolution.

Democrats have criticized Republicans seeking to speed up the appointment process, only about a week before the election.

Barrett’s confirmation in the Supreme Court came 30 days after she was nominated by President Donald Trump to fill the late Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s seat, a short period compared to the periods it typically took to install new judges for this court, which traditionally amounts to 3 months.

While the Democrats in the “Senate” tried to slow down the process of installing the third candidate for Trump for the Supreme Court, through various procedural maneuvers, the Republicans in this House stood as an obstacle to attempts to delay the confirmation of Barrett.

What close role for the Supreme Court?

With the confirmation of Judge Barrett, the majority of the Supreme Court has turned in favor of Republican conservatives appointed by Republican presidents to become 6 justices to 3 liberals.

It is noteworthy that the Democrats ’opposition stemmed from the experience of the Republican“ Senate ”majority refusing to hold hearings for Judge Merrick Garland, the candidate of former President Barack Obama 4 years ago, nearly 8 months before the elections of that year, under the pretext of the necessity to wait for the results of the presidential elections and grant The right to choose a new judge for the next president.

Judge Barrett pledged after taking the oath to follow the laws and abide by the constitution in her judicial work.

Democrats fear Barrett’s record, as she pointed to the unconstitutionality of health care programs known as “Obama Care” and called for an expansion of the right to bear arms.

Because of the consequences of the Corona virus, which prompted millions of citizens to vote by mail for fear of contagion, Democrats fear that the first cases that Barrett could consider as a new judge on the Supreme Court would be the one in which who wins in the White House is decided, in light of the rising The number of cases filed that are expected to be filed to challenge the method of counting and counting the votes.

And many Democratic senators considered in their speeches before the vote to confirm Judge Barrett, that Trump’s hasty nomination was nothing but a political act to help him preserve the White House, in a race that all opinion polls show his loss in the upcoming elections.

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