Adel Hakki: Wait for the surprise of Amr Diab, “Ahh Ahhh”


Musician Adel Haqqi announced that he is preparing for a big surprise with the plateau Amr Diab in his new songUh uh uhScheduled to be launched in the coming hours.

And Adel Hakki wrote on his Facebook page: “Wait for a surprise (uh-uh-uh) … Adel Haqqi and Amr Diab.”

Amr Diab collaborates in his latest song “Ahh Ahh”, with poet Ayman Bahjat Qamar, composer Muhammad Yahya, and music distribution Adel Hakki, with the participation of Greek artist Irene Papadopoulou.

The song reads at the beginning: When we see it with the eye, we smile … we greet and the topic is resolved … His beauty is in the hands, his life is injustice, due to many sweet details in it .. Ahh, uh, ah, the joy of my life.


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